Thai Law Consult, a licensed law office offering legal services in Thailand


Our main services are Litigation (in court) and Law Consultation both on-line and off-line.  We have professional expert in every aspect of legal issues, all lawyers are Thai Barrister to guarantee you the highest knowledge in Thai laws.  We are proud to present our team lawyers here.

However, our website is mainly concerned with giving knowledge to law students and people who are interested in laws or facing legal problems.  Only Thai language is currently available, but we are planning to provide English version of some foreigners concerned issues in the near future.  Please take your time to tour our Thai version in order to get some ideas of our overall activities.

Please feel free, safe, comfortable and secure to contact us, no fee is charged at the consultation stage, be assured that we always be with you.

You can contact us through our Telephone # 6698-915-0963, 668-2595-2595  email: